Super Probiotic (3)


New Faces! From Left, Red cabbage with brine, Chioggia beets in Koji, Chioggia beets in lemon+salt, radish in lemon salt brine, and red cabbage in brine.


Chioggia beets are very pretty. This pattern and color somehow remind me of antique Japanese candies.  Perhaps this is why I’m drawn to this particular beets.


Then there is the pickled garlic. After three months of wait, I can finally taste it!



My child inside

I’ve been on a journey to reunite with my child inside me. For a long time she has been hiding from me, with her back against me. I enter into myself carefully, with a calm mind and body, leaving the whole ‘thinking’ behind. My left brain calms down and my right brain starts being fully activated. My body slowly starts remembering what is was like to really feel. All of a sudden, my feet sink into the earth. with each step, many different parts of my feet scream. The trees start revealing their texture and their true personalities. Without touching, I can feel what it’s like to touch them. Continue reading

Super Probiotic (1)

I’ve been really into probiotic food lately. Here are the three examples of recent brunches.

June 28th, 2014

Chicken soup with miso, Spinach and tomato sauteed with butter, almond cake, strawberries+ blueberries + home made yogurt.

June 28

July 4th , 2014

Chickin soup with an egg, avocado + lemon + miso tamari, Nut butter pancake + home made creme frache, spinach sauteed with butter, organic raspberry, lavender tea.

July 4

September 14th, 2014

Chicken soup with one egg, Rainbow chard sauteed with butter, Cooked beats, Nut butter pancake, yellow peach + home made yogurt. Feels great after eating.

September 14

Dance, dance, what is dance, why dance?

It is the New Year, 2014. How’s my body and mind doing in the new year? Have I explored everything I had wanted to during the last year? Am I ready to embark on a new journey? I think so. In order to revisit my thoughts and ideas from previous years and to renew my hope and wish for this coming year, I decided to expose my work in a particular setup. A dance festival happening in the nation’s capital, Washington, D.C.  Continue reading

What we see Why we see

We finished presenting “What we see Why we see” on January 8th at Dance Place, Washington, DC. This collaboration was one of the most adventurous and meaningful one for me in many ways. My collaborator, Tzveta Kassabova, and I come from a very different background. I’m from dance, theatre, literature and linguistics. She is from dance, gymnastics, and astrology. Since our common interest lied in sculpting the space, we started with a specific type of material to shape the space: plastic. For 7 days in June, we played with all kinds of plastic to see what intrigued us. In August, we met for 10 days to work with what we came up in June and generated some material. We documented everything we had in 45-minutes footage. Then I left for Japan. Continue reading

0.01 Decibel ~ Improv. Menu

Just finished dancing “0.01 Decibel” at Improv Menu in DC. I asked my cellist/vocalist friend Audrey Chen to join me since she was back from Berlin for a short time. I have worked with Audrey a couple of times in small and big projects in the past and was missing moving with her sound. I wanted to feel her again and meet her with where I was now – it was like a impulsive short rendevous I looked forward to. The duet with her felt like 8 minutes instead of 18 minutes. I was thoroughly enjoying her sound, her presence, her silence, and give and take between us. At the end, she was going far and farther away from me. I caught the last glimpse of her and she disappeared from my sight.

ライフイントーキョー#13 最後のレッスン